1. My ticket has the following booking status - GNWL20/WL5. What does it mean?

  2. I booked a ticket online on the IRCTC website with a WL status. Will this ticket get cancelled automatically if it does not get confirmed?

  3. I have a waitlisted ticket. What are the chances of getting a confirmed ticket?

  4. My ticket booking status is not confirmed. Can I still board a train?

  5. I booked for multiple passengers on one ticket, which is waitlisted. If only one or two of the passengers' tickets gets confirmed, making it a partially confirmed ticket, are the other waitlisted passengers allowed to board the train?

  6. At the time of booking my booking status was WL65 but the current status is confirmed. I still cannot find my coach and berth/seat number? Is my ticket confirmed? How will I get my berth/seat number?

  7. Which status out of the following get confirmed easily, GNWL, CKWL, RLWL, RSWL, RQWL or PQWL?

  8. What does RAC status mean? Is my ticket confirmed or not?

  9. What do you mean by chart preparation in Indian Railways?

  10. What is the "VIKALP--Alternate Train Accommodation Scheme"?

  11. What are the chances of a Tatkal Waiting List getting confirmed?

  12. Can a Tatkal Waiting List ticket be cancelled?

  13. How to ensure quick payment while booking a Tatkal ticket on IRCTC?

  14. What is Premium Tatkal quota?

  15. Can one get a refund on Tatkal ticket if the train is running late?

  16. What is meant by TDR?